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“Walking isn’t about gaining time but losing it with elegance” David Le Breton.

The author of “L’éloge de la marche” poetically reminds us of the relationship between Man and walking.

The theme of the hike is your choice for groups already made up of 6 people.

Wines & UNESCO landscapes

Follow the guide from Saint-Emilion to the little valley. The hike winds up and down through the rows of vines on the hillside offering exceptionnal views of wine cultures…

Wines & fortified houses

Follow the guide from Saint-Cibard. Modest or luxurious in appearance, the many fortified houses or castles which take up the countryside of St-Cibard strongly mark the identity of this area…

The Dordogne river

Sunday stroll in the afternoon without wine tasting. Follow the guide from Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens. The hike allows you to admire beautiful views at the edges of the Dordogne and megalith…

Organic wines - The Barbanne or roman church

Follow the guide from St-Christophe-des-Bardes at the edges of the stream of the Barbanne or from Puynormand which is located at the convergence of the 45th parallel and the Greenwich méridian…

The windmills

Sunday stroll in the morning without wine tasting. Follow the guide from Montagne towards the butte of Calon. The walk will take you to the highest point of the area where you discover five windmills – 16th/17th centuries…

Wines - Winegrowing estates or country-style heritage

Follow the guide from the village of Puisseguin through the wine paths immersion in the landscapes that the hand of man has shaped like his wine or from St-Genès-de-Castillon…

customizable french departments


Cognac vineyard

The Cognac vineyard spread over Charente and Charente-Maritime is generous by nature. It offers culture, landscapes and encounters in all seasons. Cognac and Pineau cannot be overlooked in Charente !

Jurançon vineyard

The Jurançon vineyard, facing the Pyrenees, produces white wines of character. You don’t need to be a great athlete to access its most landscapes. Located in the Atlantic Pyrenees, get a breath of fresh air in the Béarn department.

Bergerac vineyard

In the Dordogne, the Bergerac has always offered excellent wines. The specificity of the winegrowing area is revealed through its terroir, its generous dishes and the history of the picturesque villages and bastides.

Royan & Oléron island area

The Charente-Maritime is a good idea for a hike to regain your strength ! Between sea, stone and forest, the area offers in the heart of natural environments. Its country wines bled perfectly with seafood.