Family hiking


Supervision of themed hikes by a local hike leader for half a day.

Discovery tours

The Grand Saint-Emilionnais is a nice playground for venturing into the surrounding countryside to discover tracs of a rich past.

Randowine offers you 2 themes :

SUNDAY STROLLS – No wine tasting

Windmills walk - In the morning

Borders of the Dordogne and megalith walk - In the afternoon

What does it include ?

Example family tour

For about 2 hours, I will guide you on a 4 to 5 km tour without particular difficulties fro the children from 7 years old.

Handing out a game booklet to each of the families. The children and parents will have to solve 5 puzzles related to the theme of the tour.

On arrival : debriefing and reward with a refreshment.